Pataleban Vineyard Winery in Nepal

A winery in Nepal is in need of a follow-up SEC assignment of an expert in winemaking.
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We are continuously expanding our vineyard to increase the quantity of our wine production. Further, we are working on improving the high quality production with the aim of gaining an excellent reputation in order to market our wine countrywide and maybe even enter the export market.
In Nepal we do not have native vines and professional machinery for the wine production is also not available.

Our challenge is that the needed expertise of wine making technicians with lab knowledge as well as vineyard experience, is not locally available.

The tasks for the winemaking expert will be:

  • Identify the best suitable vines for the local climatic conditions and provide technical assistance in growing the grapes.
  • Advice us on the production of quality wine.
  • Teach us the proper lab testing techniques.
  • Transfer knowledge of best cellar practices and use of machinery.

Expected Results:
Finally we hope to establish a well managed and proper vineyard with the best suitable variety for Nepal. Our goal is to produce local Nepali wine on an international standard. The support of the SEC expert assignments in the past few years have already helped us tremendously, however, we need further assistance in order to continue the improvements already implemented.

The cost-covering amount for any SEC assignment is CHF 5’000.– The financial contribution of the winery for this follow-up assignment is CHF 700.–. Additionally they will cover all costs for food, accommodation and local transportation costs for the expert during the assignment.


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