Expert Search in February

Despite our extensive database with around 700 active SEC experts, there are still times when we cannot find a suitable person for a specific request. Or the experts registered with us are not currently available.

Please support the SEC by sharing our “Expert search” with your professional network, friends and acquaintances. Perhaps this will lead us to another future SEC expert. Thank you for your support!


A tailor for a tailor shop (Assignment No. 3954)
For a 6-week consultancy assignment in Mbale Uganda, we are looking for an English-speaking professional who takes a tailor shop through the process of designing and developing patterns on a computer and on an embrodery machine, improves the quality of existing products, and gives adivce on how to export.

Pedagogue for Nanny Training Academy (Einsatz-Nr. 3951)
For an 8-week online consultancy assignment in Uganda, we are looking for an English-speaking professional to support trainers of an academy for nannies to develop courses on early childhood development, first aid, and domestic aid.

Specialist for Button Mushrooms (assignment no. 3887)
For a 12-week online consultancy assignment in Kathmandu (Nepal), we are looking for a English-speaking specialist in short method composting of mushroom cultivation and in setting up the growing rooms as well as production training for the team.

Various requests in the field of “Digital Marketing”
For various clients in different countries we are looking for specialists in “Digital Marketing”:

  • For a local tour operator in Bolivia (Spanish, assignment no. 3919)