Expert Search in September

Despite our extensive database with around 700 active SEC experts, there are still times when we cannot find a suitable person for a specific request. Or the experts registered with us are not currently available.

Please support the SEC by sharing our “Expert search” with your professional network, friends and acquaintances. Perhaps this will lead us to another future SEC expert. Thank you for your support!


Cook specialised in international gourmet cuisine (Assignment no. 3984)
For a 12-week consultancy assignment in Santa Cruz (Bolivia), we are looking for a Spanish speaking specialist in international gourmet cuisine and possibly vocational training.

Cheesemaker for Gouda and Cheddar (Assignment no. 4142)
For a 3-week assignment in a remote area of Nepal we are looking for an English speaking cheesemaker who can teach the client how to make Gouda and Cheddar cheese. Time of assignment: September or November 2023.

Agricultural expert for Vegetable Farm (Assignment no. 4116)
For a 3- to 8-week assignment in Nepal, we are looking for an English speaking agricultural expert who can advise the client on the following areas: Business plan and business development support for scalable vegetable farms (up to 10-15 acres of land), management tools and techniques to ensure production efficiency, marketing efficiency, resource management, etc.

Physiotherapist (Assignment No. 4150)
For a 2-week assignment in Georgia, we are looking for an English speaking physiotherapist to train physiotherapists at a day care centre for people with disabilities. The expert will ideally have experience with children.

Sustainable Tourism/Digital Marketing Specialist (Assignment No. 4185)
For a 4-week assignment in Sajama/Bolivia, we are looking for a Spanish speaking professional to train a mountain guide organisation for the better (digital) marketing of a national park and its attractions.

Shoemaker (Assignment No. 4121)
For a 4- to 8-week assignment in Kigali/Rwanda, we are looking for an English or French speaking specialist for the improvement of product quality and the production process of leather shoes. The specialist should have experience in the production of orthopaedic shoes.

Expert for pet dry food (Assignment No. 4158)
For a 2- to 3-week assignment in Lipjan/Kosovo, we are looking for an English speaking expert to produce dry dog and cat food. Storage and packaging of the food is also part of the assignment.

Baker for sour dough products (Assignment No. 4190)
For a 6- to 8-week assignment in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we are looking for a Spanish speaking baker who has a lot of experience with sour dough and wholemeal flour products.