Experts on assignment, January – June 2023

We have compiled a list for you, subdivided by country, with information on the assignments carried out there for the period from January to June 2023. You can also find some of the assignments listed as a brief assignment summary on our website: Assignment Summaries.


Margot Klingsporn – Photography
Frank Küchlin – Beverage
Jean-Luc Luisier – Food
Fritz Schumacher – Business advisory


Wim Aarts – Business advisory
Christian Abend – Food
Gerhard Nürnberger – Sanitary engineering

Burkina Faso

Daniele Fino – Management


Robert Cohnen – Marketing
Pieter Perrett – Marketing
Christoph  Ramseier – Management


Othmar Eicher – Agriculture
Felix Kaufmann – Food
Georg Schmalz – Construction


Wim Aarts – Construction
Peter Fink – Ceramics
Oskar Flüeler – Food
Monica Garcia – Business advisory
Josef Schärli – Food


Markus Rolli – Food


Andrea Beerli – Tourism
Thomas Gehring – Food


Peter Aisslinger – Education
Michael Benker – Food
Hans Burger – Agriculture
Robert Cohnen – Marketing
Urs Frey – Education
Dora Frey – Education
Alfred Gafner – Food
Maarten Gerlach – Management
Frank Geser – Business advisory
Berend Heringa – Food
Birgit Hügi – Education
Marinus Kasteleijn – Food
Günther Knotz – Marketing
Carlos Marbach – Food
Willi Müller – Food
Johannes Nick – Food
Hans Räber – Agriculture
Kurt Renold – Tourism
Peter Schürch – Management
Magali Stitelmann – Agriculture
Harry Van de Kerkhof – Food
Walter Zahnd – Business advisory
Franz Zettel – Food
Walter Zwald – Beverage
Peter Zweifel – Food


Oskar Flüeler – Food