Experts on assignment, July – December 2022

We have compiled a list for you, subdivided by country, with information on the assignments carried out there for the period from July to December 2022. You can also find some of the assignments listed as a brief assignment summary on our website: Assignment Summaries.


Christoph Schatzmann – Food
Gisela Räber  – Marketing
Jean-Luc Luisier – Food
Frank Küchlin  – Beverage
Raymond Tinguely – Mechanics
Rein Kielstra
– Agriculture


Christian Abend – Food
Michael Jakob – Architecture
Peter Zimmermann – Food
Wim Aarts – Energy and Water


Christoph  Ramseier – Management
Hans Peter Vaterlaus
– Energy and Water
Karl Dillier
– Education
Karel Haal
– Finance
Markus Göldi
– Textile
Simon Langbroek
– Finance


Josef Schärli – Tourism


Carlos Marbach – Food


Andrea Beerli – Education & Tourism
Carlos Marbach – Food
Ries de Winter – Chemistry


Alain Rohrbach – Education
Alfred Gafner – Food
Carlos Marbach – Food
Dora Frey-Wüest – Education
Frans van Eijk – Food
Franz Zettel – Food
Günther Knotz – Food
Hans Amstutz – Management
Heinrich Teuteberg – Education
Jan Erftemeijer – Forestry
Liesch Martin – Construction
Markus Rolli – Food
Peter Zimmermann – Food
Rob Staal – Management
Robert Cohnen – Marketing
Sibylle Kamber – Marketing
Urs Frey – Education
Walter Zahnd – Tourism
Will van Koningsbrugge – Tourism
Willi Müller – Food
Willi Müller – Food (Meat)


Doris Frei – Food
Felix Muntwyler
– Food


Birgit Hügi – Education
Gunda Bornkessel – Textile
Markus Walther – Construction
Trudy Swart-Larooij – Education