Experts on assignment, July – December 2023

We have compiled a list for you, subdivided by country, with information on the assignments carried out there for the period from July to December 2023. You can also find some of the assignments listed as a brief assignment summary on our website: Assignment Summaries.


Marinus Kasteleijn – Hotel profession
Margot Klingsporn – Photography
Jean-Luc Luisier – Food


Paola De Coppi – Recycling
Ries De Winter – Cosmetics
Anna Gerle – Textile
Felix Muntwyler – Vocational/professional education
Niklaus Nyffenegger – Food

Burkina Faso

Daniele Fino – Business advisory services


Andrea Beerli – Vocational/professional education
Pierre Alain Kaufmann – Vocational/professional education


Christoph Bickel – Vocational/professional education
Karl Dillier – Electrical engineering
Rein Kielstra – Finances
Brigitta König – Business advisory services
Simon Langbroek – Finances
Pieter Perrett – Marketing
Christoph Ramseier – Management
Roel Woering – Marketing


Raymond Tinguely – Vocational/professional education
Fritz Schumacher – Vocational/professional education


Leo Plouvier – Medicine


Alfred Gafner – Hotel profession
Gerhard Schoemaker – Wood processing


Konrad Gerster – Tourismus
Han Joosten – Food
Carlos Marbach – Food
Markus Rolli – Food
Josef Schärli – Food
Bert Steehouder – Food


Tom Deurloo – Business advisory services
Thomas Fringeli – Food
Barbara Janssen – Textile
Felix Kaufmann – Food
Willi Müller – Food (meat)


Christian Abend – Viticulture
Michael Benker – Food
Mary Buchanan Clephane – Education
Monica Garcia Gonzalez – IT and Management
Maarten Gerlach – Hotel profession
Frank Geser – Business advisory services
Fredi Geser – Wastewater disposal
Xaver Götzenberger – Food
Walter Grob – Food
Berend Heringa – Food
Felix Kaufmann – Food
Frits Klaarenbeek – Textile
Karel Lansu – Business advisory services
Willi Müller – Food
Willi Müller – Food (meat)
Nikolaus Ott – Food
Ed Slui – Food
Rob Staal – Business advisory services
Magali Stitelmann – Beekeeping
Frans van Eijk – Food
Hans Vogel – Fundraising
Peter Zimmermann – Food


Christian Abend – Viticulture
Oskar Flüeler – Food
Christoph Ramseier – Business advisory services


Remy Bourbon – Textile
Ries De Winter – Cosmetics
Peter Zimmermann – Food