Success Story Nicaragua / Digital Follow-Up Assignment of Felix Muntwyler

The experience in the last few months has shown that companies can “survive” in difficult times if they are able to flexibly and creatively choose new paths for themselves. One restaurant that has done precisely this is Casa Santa Lucia in Managua, which has set up a takeaway delivery service. SEC expert and former head […]

Success Story Uganda/ SEC Assignment of Markus Weber

Coffee is one of the most important export products of the East African state of Uganda. The coffee producer “Kalaa Mugosi Women Empowerment Ltd” not only produces coffee but is also committed to supporting disadvantaged women and girls in rural areas of the country. In January 2020, hence shortly before the world was caught by […]

Survey results “Digital SEC annual event 2020”

The SEC has made a virtue out of necessity and conducted the annual event digitally. A summary of the survey results shows how this was perceived by the participants. In total, 48 questionnaires were returned. Out of this, we have collected some strong, (critically) constructive and interesting statements and listed them below. As a result, […]

Success Story Ecuador/ SEC Assignment of Hans Ulrich Züger

The “Asociación Agraria Bananera Fincas de El Oro” is an agricultural association of banana producers in Ecuador. They export most of their bananas to the USA and the European market, while the rest is processed into other products. In 2017, the producers were visited for the first time by a SEC expert in brewing. Since […]

Exchange platform for SEC experts

The SEC provides an exchange platform where SEC experts can share their experiences. This platform is already taking shape, but could definitively be expanded. At the moment, material that could be useful for a digital remote assignment could also be interesting. Exchange your knowledge also with us! Everyone is free to share information that could […]

Expert Search in July

Despite our extensive database with around 700 active SEC experts, there are still times when we cannot find a suitable person for a specific request. Or the experts registered with us are not currently available. Please support the SEC by sharing our “Expert search” with your professional network, friends and acquaintances. Perhaps this will lead […]

SEC remote assignments during corona crisis

Due to the current crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, SEC’s main project activity of sending senior experts abroad to support our clients in the partner countries has come to a standstill. However, the project’s main goal of supporting SME and institutions with expert consultancy can continue to be achieved through alternative ways. SEC is […]

Servicios Expertos de Consultoría, SEC Guatemala

The Servicios Expertos de Consultoría, SEC Guatemala, is a project of Swisscontact. The project’s purpose is to support the competitivity of SMEs in Guatemala through short-term consultancy assignments performed by voluntary experts, who have international (Swiss), regional (Salvadorian) and local (Guatemalan) backgrounds. The project focuses on providing tailor-made consultancies, supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) […]