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Are you interested in an SEC assignment in your company? SMEs and educational or training institutes, as well as other organisations in developing countries and Eastern Europe, can request an SEC expert if they require technical expertise to overcome business and structural impediments but cannot afford it at market prices.

The goal of an expert consultancy assignment is to increase competitiveness, improve the skills level of staff members and generate employment.

SEC assignment in SEC focus countries:

  • The client is responsible for organising and covering the costs of food, accommodation and transport on-site.
  • International flights and travel expenses are covered by the SEC.
  • Depending on the requirements, SEC assignments can last between 2 and 12 weeks.

Contact the SEC country coordinator or the SEC Team at the Zurich head office.

Process (for clients):
Process SEC Assignment

Assignment Summaries:
Assignment Summaries sorted by country

SEC consultancy assignment in focus countries
SEC consultancy assignment – Cost-covering
Placement of SEC Expert

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Following open SEC assignments need further co-financing to be realised.

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