Exchange platform for SEC experts

The SEC provides an exchange platform where SEC experts can share their experiences. This platform is already taking shape, but could definitively be expanded. At the moment, material that could be useful for a digital remote assignment could also be interesting. Exchange your knowledge also with us!

Everyone is free to share information that could be useful for an industry expert as well as for members with a thirst for knowledge. The more members publish something, be it a document or simply a comment, the more dynamic and useful the platform becomes. It is up to you to make it work!

Please remember that although the tool is provided by SEC, the contents are not censored or controlled by SEC. Also, the exchange platform is not public. This means that if you are interested, you can contact the SEC via e-mail and receive an invitation for this office workgroup.

Are you also interested in the exchange on this platform? Register your interest today via the following e-mail address: We look forward to a lively exchange and are of course happy to answer any questions you may have.