Servicios Expertos de Consultoría, SEC Guatemala

The Servicios Expertos de Consultoría, SEC Guatemala, is a project of Swisscontact. The project’s purpose is to support the competitivity of SMEs in Guatemala through short-term consultancy assignments performed by voluntary experts, who have international (Swiss), regional (Salvadorian) and local (Guatemalan) backgrounds.

The project focuses on providing tailor-made consultancies, supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in need of expert advice to overcome business and structural impediments but cannot afford this at market price. The SMEs must cover local logistical expenses when it applies (lodging, transportation, meals), and commit to providing some information on their business and to participate in the monitoring and results measurement process.

The projects’ goal is to cooperate with 60 SMEs and improve their competitiveness, create 198 new jobs and reduce poverty. This is done through 94 assignments, including follow-ups, within a 4-year period (July 2019-June 2023).

The overall goal is that after four years the local structure will be managed and financed by a local partner organization, using local experts, in order to ensure its sustainability.

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