Trilogy “The SEC in the view of our coordinators”, Part 1

On the occasion of the anniversary year, we asked our SEC coordinators to share some of their experiences.

The trilogy will be launched by the Kosovo coordinator Ibrahim Bejtullahu and the Tunisian coordinator Inès Chaïeb.

What makes the SEC unique?

Ibro, Coordinator Kosovo:
“SEC experts provide to the Kosovo clients unique professional and life experience. Most preferred approach is their punctuality to the specific processes. And businesses really welcome this style.”

Inès, Coordinator Tunisia:
“What makes the SEC unique is the fact that it responds to a very specific need and provides it with tailor-made support, advice and/or training (adapted to the client, the context and the need). In addition, SEC experts are retired people with a long career behind them: they therefore have know-how and experience. These experts are also volunteers, which shows that they are generous people who put their knowledge and know-how at the service of others without compensation.”

Highlights with SEC Experts

Ibro, Coordinator Kosovo:
“During his second assignment in Kosovo, one of SEC experts realised the beauty and complexity of the diversity of the Kosovo population living in different parts of the country. His first assignment was in the south and the second one in the northern part of the country. In addition, he emphasized the harmony of the people living together and belonging to different religions.”

Inès, Coordinator Tunisia:
“At the end of her assignment, an expert told me that she was very touched and delighted by her stay in Tunisia, the warm welcome and sense of hospitality of the Tunisians she met.”

A Highlight with SEC Client

Ibro, Coordinator Kosovo:
“Unique experience at a printing facility with the wishes for a longer stay of the expert in order to establish processes typical like at Swiss factories.”

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