Trilogy “The SEC in the view of our coordinators”, Part 2

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary, we asked our SEC coordinators to share some of their experiences.

In the second part of the trilogy, the feedbacks of our Latin American coordinators Carmen Zapata, Ana Tan and Sandra Mejia will be summarised.

What makes the SEC unique?

Carmen, Coordinator Bolivia:
“Although there are other programs with similar characteristics, I think what makes us different is that each assignment is treated in a very personalized way, we take great care in the details and we get close enough to the client and the expert so that they can feel safe and confident in what they are doing. We have a high percentage of highly satisfactory assignments and I think that’s because a lot of attention is paid to finding the right experts and selecting good clients; but what I like the most is that we work mainly with SMEs and I think that’s a great collaboration in the economy of many families.”

Ana, Coordinator Peru:
“The SEC program is special because everyone always wins: employers and employees, experts and coordinator.”

“In general, the experts are open-minded, very motivated and tolerant. In addition, they are very professional in what they do and they prepare and organise very well to conduct an assignment.”

Highlights with SEC Experts

Carmen, Coordinator Bolivia:
“The experts always give their best and put all their capacity to help and solve the problems they face. Many times their recommendations are innovative and very practical, due to their extensive life and work experience.”

Ana, Coordinator Peru:
“One of the experts had collected so much information on the internet from the company he was going to advise, that we were impressed by everything he knew, without yet having gotten to know the company personally.”

“The manager of a mining company had the opportunity to try the apple pie that “Glemper” managed to do with the support of the expert. His words were: “I have never eaten a more delicious apple pie.”

“To his enthusiasm and drive, the SEC expert added the philosophy of quality and being “strict” with suppliers, workers and themselves. The expert told them that food producers must be responsible for the health of their clients and that they must be careful and strict with the quality of the products.”

Sandra, Coordinator Nicaragua:
“In my overall experience I have had wonderful experience in meeting over 20 experts and in general I have learnt a lot of great things from them through their work, in the different fields within different parts of my country. I am very happy with the work of the SEC head office in Zurich, they are very professional and helpful.”

Highlights with SEC Client

Carmen, Coordinator Bolivia:
“Some of our clients are small producers of the rural area, with many limitations and a lack of the necessary conditions to develop an economic activity. Nevertheless I can emphasize that they take the risk to have an expert with them and thus to widen their look of the world, improve their products and to try to grow.”

Ana, Coordinator Peru:
“A client had the support of an SEC expert twice between 2014 and 2017. The expert gave advice to his company, but at the same time it was a very valuable training for the client as a trainer, since she consolidated her knowledge to pass it on to other entrepreneurs in the sector. Thus, she trained several groups of producers in the jungle area of Peru.”