Trilogy “The SEC in the view of our coordinators”, Part 3

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary, we asked our SEC coordinators to share some of their experiences.

In the third and therefore last part of the trilogy, the feedbacks of our Nepalesi coordinator Neeraj Singhal and our Mongolian coordinator Narantuya Baatar is summarised.

What makes the SEC unique?

Neeraj Singhal, Coordinator Nepal:
“A direct project with expert-client relationship with greater impact.”

“SEC experts are in contact with SEC clients to provide long-term support to SEC clients during the post-employment period, and that makes it unique too.”


Nara, Coordinator Mongolia:
“Super efficient support for developing countries through developing SMEs.”

“Creation of employment and income generation too.”


Highlight with SEC Experts

Neeraj Singhal, Coordinator Nepal:
“Experts show high work ethics and high work standards during their SEC assignments in Nepal. They are retired but never tired.”


Highlight with SEC Client

Nara, Coordinator Mongolia:
“Our clients are willing to develop their businesses and sustainable development.”

“They are having great appreciation about our SEC support.”