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Introducing our SEC coordinators and their countries

Ana Tan has been our coordinator in Peru since 2013. An industrial engineer, she worked in the private sector, government and NGOs before joining Swisscontact in 2001 to design and monitor development projects. Even after all these years as SEC coordinator, she very much appreciates the exchange with the experts and is interested in learning […]

Success story Guatemala / A double effort for a better carbon footprint

The “Porta Hotels” in Guatemala are known for their high standards. The traditional company wants to offer its guests better value for money in its in-house restaurants. In order to revise its offer and processes accordingly, the company contacted the SEC and asked for the support of an expert. Together with a baker from Davos, […]

Introducing our SEC coordinators and their countries

Brigitte Mäntele has been our coordinator in Benin since 2012. Before that, she worked as a teacher. In 1984, she came to Benin with the German Development Service to teach German. Ever since, she has lived and worked in the coastal city of Cotonou. In addition to her work for the SEC, she gives German […]

Introducing our SEC coordinators and their countries

Carmen Zapata has been our coordinator in Bolivia since 2014. She lives in La Paz and works closely with the local Swisscontact office. She was also active in development cooperation before becoming involved with the SEC. What she likes about working for SEC is that she can support entrepreneurs all over Bolivia. In order to […]

Introducing our SEC coordinators and their countries

“Nepali hospitality – A diverse multicultural country with 126 ethnic groups and 123 local languages. It has SMEs with young entrepreneurs, who are eager to learn from Swisscontact SEC Experts.”, says Neeraj about the uniqueness of Nepal. Capital Kathmandu Area in km2 175,516 Population 28,609,000 Language(s) Nepali and 123 local languages SEC assignments conducted since […]

Bolivia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem benefits from Swiss expert advice

Bolivia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem reflects that business creation remains dynamic despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Figures show that 9020 new businesses were created in 2020, an increase of 2.8% compared to 2019[1]. These companies are an important source of employment generation in the country and strengthen the entrepreneurial and business ecosystem. However, they face challenges in becoming […]

Survey results “Digital SEC annual event 2020”

The SEC has made a virtue out of necessity and conducted the annual event digitally. A summary of the survey results shows how this was perceived by the participants. In total, 48 questionnaires were returned. Out of this, we have collected some strong, (critically) constructive and interesting statements and listed them below. As a result, […]

SEC remote assignments during corona crisis

Due to the current crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, SEC’s main project activity of sending senior experts abroad to support our clients in the partner countries has come to a standstill. However, the project’s main goal of supporting SME and institutions with expert consultancy can continue to be achieved through alternative ways. SEC is […]